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‘Gregor Sidler’ – Born and raised in the heart of Switzerland and the hub of ‘Bernina’ sewing machines. Gregor started his professional career at the age of only 16, by stepping feet into the Bernina factory. After completing a four-year apprentice as a ‘Fine Mechanics’, he started to test model (research and development) sewing machines in the innovative work at Bernina.


In 1987, Gregor’s insight into the first electronic Bernina machine was required at the service department (headquarters – Bernina of America) in Chicago, IL. As a service mechanic and an educator, his knowledge and instructing aptitudes got the opportunity to be very outstanding by dealers around the USA.

For the past 22 years, Gregor with his wife Debra is the proud CEO/owner of a very successful Bernina dealership in Tampa, Florida. He continues to be an asset individual, a resource person, and a mentor for ‘Bernina of America’.

Gregor’s straightforward encouraging aptitude makes him a well-known instructor on the yearly Bernina convention. For the past 6 years the repairs and demonstrative/diagnostic videos on this website have one of a kind methodology, which only somebody with profound learning from the two sides of Bernina history can give you.

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