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L 890 replace nozzle that threads the loopers.

The thread does not automatically thread like it should.

Overlock L890/L860/L850

Air threading

7 Series machine- Replace presser foot bar rack

You have this "clicking" noise when you lower the presser foot, or when the bar comes up you have this strange noise- more than likely your presser foot bar rack needs to be replaced.


Presser foot mechanism / presser foot / Kneelifter

630-640 440 etc Thread will not pass between driver and hook

This machine will not sew because there is no gap between the hook and the driver.

630/640, 440/430/450/etc.

CB Hook, Hook Driver

Activa Line: 220/230 etc. Reverse button does not always work

Reverse button only works when pushed at one spot. If you push button at the bottom machine will not go in reverse.


Reverse Stitches/Reverse cam, Buttons/Push button all machines

1000 series needle stop and stitch width not working

Needle stop is not working correctly. Stitch width is not working and needle is just jumping


Needle stop / Stopmatic, Stitch width /mechanical / electronic

Diagnostic: Stitch width motor not working correctly

How do you test a stepping motor to find out if the motor or the electronic is bad

440/430/450/etc., 630/640, 550/530/570/580

Stitch width /mechanical / electronic,

Electronic tension adjustment for all 4 New Gen, 5 New Gen 7, and 8 series machines

The electronic tension adjustment is an essential task that you need to know on how to do it.

710/750/780/740/770/790, 830/880, New Gen 535/570/590/500, New Gen 435/475QE/480

Tension unit

How to replace the black stem in a 8-series bobbin case

The bobbin won't hold in the bobbin case correctly. Something feels funny. Here I show you how to replace the black stem in the bobbin case.


Bobbin case

7 series replace the touchscreen

How to replace the touchscreen in a 7 series machine. The touchscreen is embedded in the front cover so it is a different procedure than all other machines.


Screen/ LCD / Touchscreen

Diagnostic: 630-640-440-430-450 etc. Error message lost angle signal

The error message "Lost Angle Signal" can have different causes. I will show you how to troubleshoot it on those models.

630/640, 440/430/450/etc.

I do not know what part of the machine is the problem, Sensors: All and any sensors in all the machines, S-Print, Main print, Base print, CPU, any print

B9 Hook machines. Machine only stitches a few stitches then stops feeding

After a few stitches the machine gets stuck and will not feed the fabric.

New Gen 535/570/590/500, New Gen 435/475QE/480, 710/750/780/740/770/790

Feed dog, Driving mechanism / Timing Belts

Diagnostic 7 and all New Gen 4 and 5 cutter not initialize

You push the cutter button to cut the thread but nothing happens. The white part from the clutch is moving but does not hold in place long enough.

710/750/780/740/770/790, New Gen 535/570/590/500, New Gen 435/475QE/480

Clutch mechanism for thread cutter, Thread cutter

How to loosen up machines that are hard to turn

Every so often you will get an older Bernina machine that is very hard to turn. I will show you one possibility those machines can be repaired.

All mechanical models before 1986 /530/730/830/930, ALL BERNINA Models, Basic Knowledge

I do not know what part of the machine is the problem

1000 series Mechanical. Remove and install head frame

In this video I show you what it takes to remove the head frame on a 1000 series machine.

All mechanical 1030-1031/1000-1015, 1130/1120/1230/1260/1530/1630/1090/1080

Needle bar, Needle bar/clutch, Presser foot mechanism / presser foot / Kneelifter

Tune up on 5 or 4 series machines with B9 Hook when nothing is wrong with the machine!

How do I make a tune-up when nothing is wrong with that machine.

New Gen 535/570/590/500, New Gen 435/475QE/480

Service the entire machine

Replacement of lower main shaft / Hook driving gears

The replacement of the feed dot shaft/hook driving gears. This video will cover all the steps from taking it out to all adjustments putting it back together.

440/430/450/etc., 630/640, 550/530/570/580, 330/350/380, 125/220/230/325/335

Driving mechanism / Timing Belts, Hook /Sensor/Mechanism/gear/timing, CB Hook, Feed dog

Diagnostic: 630-640 440-430 etc. stitch width motor not working

The stitch width motor on this machine has a problem. I will show you how you can diagnose the fault without having any parts in stock to test the machine.

630/640, 440/430/450/etc.

Stitch width /mechanical / electronic,

1000 Series every so often machine will not run

Every so often when you press the foot control the machine will not run. There seams to be no particular reason why it is doing this.

1130/1120/1230/1260/1530/1630/1090/1080, 1030/1031/1020

Foot control, Power cord, Foot Control Cord etc.

Diagnostic: 8 series: Upper thread tension is not threading correctly

The lever that should thread the check spring on the tension unit is stuck. How can we fix this


Tension unit

Replacing tension unit 710_750_780

How to replace the tension unit


Tension unit

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